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Essentials Care Products (Essentials) is a family business.  Cecelia Hunt grew up in Chicago hearing her mother tell stories of how her Grandmother Hayes helped her uncles start and run the Hayco business.  They manufactured and sold hair care products to beauty shops and people throughout the Richmond, Virginia area in the 1940’s.  Inspired by those stories and after several pamper projects for at-home spa days for her daughter’s slumber parties, holiday gifts and gift bags for church events she was hooked on creating nourishing products that harness the power of essential oils to naturally enhance skin and hair care routines.


After researching and reading everything she could get her hands on, Essentials was launched.  Essentials fills the niche for people looking for healthier alternatives to products produced with harsh and harmful chemicals.  As a small boutique company, Essentials can customize care products for clients who desire personal and home care products designed specifically with them in mind.

Herbal and floral infused oils provide additional nutrients and something extra special for your skin.  Our hope is that you indulge your senses every day and enjoy “mini” aromatherapy sessions by using Essentials’ Products.  Simple pleasures can include using Shower Fizzies to energize your shower, spraying Essentials’ Linen & Room Spray to freshen your area or putting on Essentials’ Decadent Hand Cream and inhaling.  We provide products that allow you to do something special for yourself or give the gift of aromatherapy.

Cecelia Hunt earned Bachelor’s and Master’s of Science degrees in Chemical Engineering.

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